Shameela is one of those beautiful earthy souls who calls out the best in those around her. Her compassion and understanding of others in her journey is the fuel that makes her creations so unique and specialised. I have been working with Shameela in one on one sessions for several months and find her commitment to self to be exceptional. I could only see any offering she creates to be the same. It is her life path and human design to teach and share her wisdom. You would be fortunate to share this rich experience.
— Arihia Sun. Life Coach. Bunbury WA
Jenny's dahlias, by Sham.JPG
An absolute haven in the outskirts of the city overlooking the Whangarei Harbour.
Sham would start the classes by asking if there were any concerns e.g. injuries, if you’re comfortable doing certain postures, I felt at ease when she asked that, I felt she had an understanding of the human body, what needs to move and her specificity for specific movement patterns and what we need to do in order to progress to something truly amazing is truly wonderful….
Sham will never put any judgement on one’s yoga practice and her humour is contagious. One always feels challenged as well as enlightened after a session at her yoga class.
With beautiful refreshments after the class, overlooking the harbour. I highly recommend it
Whenever I’m in Whangarei I’m always up for Sham’s yoga class. Namaste
— Nirmela Brennan. Gold Coast QLD
I spent many one on one sessions with Shameela during my first pregnancy. She was very careful with my growing body during our exercises and her calm and spiritual nature relaxed me and allowed me to let go of my stresses. As I worked full-time, she ensured she made time out of hours for our sessions. I really looked forward to my pregnancy yoga and the meditation and massage she finished each session with, really helped me as my body became more uncomfortable. I highly recommend Shameela, knowing she puts your health and safety first.
— Amelia VDC. Mornington VIC
I enjoyed being taught Yoga by Shameela, she transfers her knowledge of Yoga practice in a way that is easy to understand. Shameela’s Reiki and massage is very beautiful. It always releases a lot of tension and stress that I am holding on to and leaves my body feeling loose and relaxed, while my mind is refreshed and focused.
— Rhys A . Surf Coast Vic
Shameela is incredible! I had such a wonderful session with her. She clearly has talent and is attuned to the Reiki technique and journey. During our session I felt energy shifting and moving throughout my body and could sense her healing. My session with Shameela was extremely beneficial, feeling the effects days later. She was very informative and explained everything beforehand. Highly recommended!
— Charlotte D. Sydney
I attended a short yoga course in 2016, conducted by Shameela in Whangarei. Shameela gave a range of variations for poses during our classes and she showed a real passion to share the gift of meditation and Yoga. I have discovered that regular practice of Yoga helps me deal with stress much better. Another great benefit to practising Yoga is that it is something that my wife and I can enjoy together. Thanks Shameela
— Paul Brennan. Gold coast